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Macquarie University (macquarie) - Research Training Program (24 Months)

Research Training Program (24 Months) is a course taught by Macquarie University (macquarie) in New South Wales. The course is a Non Aqf Award level qualification. The CRICOS code for the course is 061194b. It belongs to Other Mixed Field Programmes category.

Research Training Program (24 Months) in Macquarie University (macquarie) is not a dual qualification course. The course lasts for 104 weeks. The cost is about 01 Australian dollars. The course is taught at Macquarie University .

Course Summary:
Course Name: Research Training Program (24 Months)
Course Field: Other Mixed Field Programmes
Course Provider: Macquarie University (macquarie)
Course Code: 061194b
Course Level: Non Aqf Award
Is Dual Degree: No
Duration: 104 weeks
Cost: AU$ 01
State: New South Wales
Location: Macquarie University

For more information about Research Training Program (24 Months), please contact the provider directly. To apply to Research Training Program (24 Months), please contact local representative. For all courses on Other Mixed Field Programmes, please find out at Study Other Mixed Field Programmes in Australia.