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Merrimu Holdings Pty Ltd - Diploma Of Fashion Design (21522vic)

Diploma Of Fashion Design (21522vic) is a course taught by Merrimu Holdings Pty Ltd in Victoria. The course is a Certificate Iv level qualification. The CRICOS code for the course is 050146a. It belongs to Graphic And Design Studies category.

Diploma Of Fashion Design (21522vic) in Merrimu Holdings Pty Ltd is not a dual qualification course. The course lasts for 52 weeks. The cost is about 12360 Australian dollars. The course is taught at Merrimu Holdings Pty Ltd .

Course Summary:
Course Name: Diploma Of Fashion Design (21522vic)
Course Field: Graphic And Design Studies
Course Provider: Merrimu Holdings Pty Ltd
Course Code: 050146a
Course Level: Certificate Iv
Is Dual Degree: No
Duration: 52 weeks
Cost: AU$ 12360
State: Victoria
Location: Merrimu Holdings Pty Ltd

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